May 2014

Watch Dogs: Whats Missing Here?

Watch Dog Gun

So the day has come and gone. The release of Watch Dogs has made it to my console of choice via digital download. There I was, excited to see a new gen sandbox that doesn't seem like a tech demo (I'm looking at you Krank), and frankly I was impressed. Fancy shiny graphics, imaginative game play, even a protagonist who doesn't seem to be a hodgepodge of any of my prior adventures in the electronic frontier. "Does this game have it all?" I ask myself. A few hours in and it occurs to me, something is missing. Something is wrong.

Watch Dogs gameplay videos for the masses

Watch Dogs Video Gameplay

Looks like the boys & girls over at IGN have some new Watch Dogs gameplay videos to share. Since you're here on IFLGames though allow us to serenade you with some awesome Watch Dogs gameplay, why not?

In this first gameplay video we'll get to see some of the character customization options to player's attire and how we'll be able to disguise Aiden Pearce.

This next gameplay video shows off a mobile challenge where players will be racing through city streets chasing down checkpoints while being chased by police

How to pick the perfect video game

How to pick the perfect video game

So there you are, trying to find out what to play as usual, we've all been there. You're looking for a new game but don't know what to pick. You know what type of game you like but don't want to commit time and thumb grease on something you don't think will deliver the goods.

Well fret no more, just follow through the pathways in the link below to find the perfect game suited for your every want and desire. Well it may not lead to the best game ever but it sure will break down what you may be intrested in by using this handy little follow through chart.

I Want To Be The Boshy (IWTBTB) Thought Super Marios Bros was hard?

I Want To Be The Boshy

We all know who Mario is and his ability to jump great lengths in order to reach the next platform while avoiding goombas, Babooms and oversized deranged bullets but when you defeat King Bowser and save the princess once again from her seemingly uneventful demise you're still just a achieving plumber with no right to call yourself the Boshy.

The same can be said for just about every other platform game out there where the enemies you'll face are clearly visible and usually easier killed then stepping on a paraplegic blind ant.

Fix my Prison Architect!

Some of us may be familiar with the joys (and pitfalls) of playing alpha/beta games and with the popularity of Steam's Greenlight program ( there is a lot of fun and choice to be had for the casual gamer. One little gem in particular I have found engrossing is Prison Architect by Introversion Software. This top down simcity-esque time vampire has come a long way since it was first offered on steam. The only real gripe is this game bogs down even on the most serious of gaming rigs.

Microsoft announces Xbox ONE will have Kinect free version

Microsoft offering XBOX ONE without Kinect

Microsoft just announced that they will be offering a Kinect-less version of their famed XBOX ONE bring the price down to something a bit more competitive with the PS4's pricing. Thew new XBOX ONE bundle will cost $399 which is $100 less then if the Kinect were included. I know I wasn't the only one thinking Microsoft should have done this since the beginning.

GTA V Online High Life 1.13 title update has arrived

GTA V Online High Life 1.13 title update

The GTA V Online High Life update (Title update 1.13) was just released a few hours ago if you haven't noticed and there's been some mixed feelings about what was added and what was expected. We waited so long for simple bugs that should have been fixed since day one and there's a huge possibility that cheaters and glitchers will find ways to weasel their way back into breaking game dynamics for quick cash and game breaking exploits.

Red Dead Redemption - A blast from the past - Games you may have missed

Red Dead Redemption

Howdy there, I'd like to start this off by simply saying... If you haven't played Read Dead Redemption you're wasting your life. What more do you want in your games? large open world, random events, random wild life encounters, many side games and a barrel of other things you can do are all apart of what makes RDR so fun and memorable. Not to mention John Marston is pretty much an instantly lovable protagonist of the game.

Does the Oculus Rift make games seem to real?

Virtual Reality's Oculus Rift

As we get closer to having a truly 100%  immersive virtual reality experience to something like that of the movie Brainscan I can't help but wonder where this whole kick for realism in our games will stop. Could the Oculus Rift push people to the point to where they truly feel in danger's way?

I feel eventually virtual reality will offer "as real as it gets" or really realistic gaming experiences. But the Oculus Rift hits on some good realism spots and poorly misses on others.