May 2014

Destiny just might blow your socks off

Destiny - Open world FPS RPG

Bungie's Destiny, the open world first person shooter said to release September 9th 2014.

I'm usually not one for hype especially after games build you up to certain expectations, whisper sweet nothings into your ear and then when it comes time to stand inline for 5 hours waiting for your copy of an over hyped game you finally get home and realize you were having more fun with the game you ditched for the new game.

GTA V Online Tips - Getting a bounty placed on your head

How to get a bounty GTA Online

Getting a bounty placed on your head while we wait for GTA Online Heists to arrive is one of the funnest experiences in GTA Online. Whether it's uncalled for, intentional or you just deserved it. Nothing beats running from a small mob of crazed unsavory street thugs trying to make a few thousand dollars.The tough part is getting those same tight fisted goons to throw down some blood money to have you filled with more holes then a whore house.