Carmageddon: Reincarnation - A game for the chemically imbalanced

Carmageddon Reincarnation Pre-Alpha Gameplay review.

I've played a lot of Carmageddon and every rendition there is of this wonderful game. I remember uninstalling other games on my 486 Pentium PC with 400MB of storage just to fit the demo on my computer to play this series of deadly racing games. Aww, the fond memories of running over everyone including their reindeer, crashing my souped up killing machine into everything under the sun in a macabre of murderous rampaging. The title said "A game for the chemically imbalanced for a good reason.

If you've been around awhile and know the original Carmageddon like I do or if you're a crazy person with a love of using dismembered bodies like windshield wiper fluid If you're neither, well then... We're about to burst your fluffy kitty gaming cherry here at IFLGames because Carmageddon Reincarnation is literally Carmageddon Reincarnated.The First Impressions

As I patiently awaited for the download to finish of my Carmageddon Alpha early access version of the game I thought to myself what everyone else would think if their favorite childhood PC game from long ago was remade with today's graphics... "I wonder if this will be like anything I remembered it being". I actually expected a complete mess and kind of expected it since this was an alpha early access after all.

From the beginning of what would be a vehicular land race turned into a non-stop fatal hit and run mixed in with crazy power-ups, offensive equipment and faces not even a mother could love, Carmageddon Reincarnation was constant with new faucets of mayhem and destruction around every corner.

Stainless Games the company guilty of creating this lovable sin of a game actually stayed as true to the original Carmageddon games more so then other game future remakes do...(Looking at you Duke Nukem Forever). The company really paid attention to their followers and hardcore fans when they went into designing Carmageddon Reincarnation and this time around you will get more Carmageddon!

The Gameplay

What more can I say? If you've played the original Carmageddon games then you can take that experience, slap updated graphics, physics, sounds, enemies, levels, music and carnage then you can know what to expect. As I stated earlier I wondered if the game had been toned down for "today's gamers" but to my surprise the steering was hard, the speed was uncontrollable, the levels were twisted, the opponents were down right ruthless or sissies depending on how you treat them and there was utter chaos which you were usually the cause of you.

The only true difference in gameplay I would have to say is the level layout and the new destructiveness of your environment. Parts of the level can be smashed into bits, rails can be rammed off their foundation and you can smash your opponents in all new updated vehicle destruction. Needless to say, Carmageddon Reincarnation is what Carmageddon should be.

My Thoughts

I'm having a blast playing Carmageddon:RE and it brings me right back to the good old days of the original created in 1997. I was also able to snag a copy of Carmageddon and Carmageddon 2 from the Pre-Alpha being sold on Steam in one clean bundle. While it may not be the most groundbreaking game about to come out it is definitely a great stress reliever for those who enjoy it and for those who enjoy virtual violence it doesn't get anymore violent then high-speed body checking bodies with 2 tons of metal.


You definitely get more Carmageddon just updated with spiffy graphics and new exciting power-ups! All the actions you love and know about this game are there or will be there once it's released.


It's in Alpha and doesn't run as fast on my PC as I'd like it to, though performance optimization is said to be in the works.

What are your thoughts?

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