Deadpool PC game review - The Merc with a mouth

It's chimichanga time! Most Marvel comic book readers already know who Wade Wilson is, he's Deadpool! The wise-ass, joke cracking assassin/ mercenary who can't die but has a serious obsession with death, seriously, this guy is in love with death itself. But this article isn't about his appearance in comics, this anti-hero literally made his own PC game!

The Deadpool PC game is pretty awesome and has a lot of blood splatter and gory moments for sure. There's a lot of hilarious mini-games that go hand in hand with the story and are embedded directly into the path you travel along on your lustrous murdering spree to stop Sinister from completing his evil plot.

The game starts out with a lumbersome push then almost immediately throws you into swarms of baddies to which you have to adapt quickly to dodging bullets and what does what. While I found the initial gang fights to be somewhat satisfactory the RPM's of this game's engagement and advancement in the fighting department quickly reaches a max and you start to get deja vu as the next fight will almost certainly be a copy of the group of bad guys you just totally murdered.

Luckily the fighting mechanics are decent enough to allow you to engage your enemies in a multitude of fashions and there are enough weapons at your disposal to give you a well needed change of combos when you're tired of hacking away with your dual welding Katanas. Don't get me wrong, his weapon selection is great it's just you do so much fighting in this game that you can literally use every weapon and do every combo in every group of enemies you run into.

The fighting in the Deadpool PC game is intense like I stated above but the difficulty ceiling slowly meanders it's way from literally walking around playing with blow up dolls and eating pizza in Deadpoon's apartment to fighting off hordes of the same enemy over and over again.

When the game does break it's monotonous gushing of enemies you're meet with bigger and badder enemies, the only problem here is you can bet you will be fighting the same enemies in almost the same paradigm within the next 5 minutes. Sometimes you will fight multiple big enemies mixed in with the smaller irritating grunts but in the end it will be a wash, rinse repeat process with little to no variations in the opponents you will be facing.

Sure you will run across some boss fights that are unique but they're so far and few and easier then they should be that they're shadowed by some of the bigger baddie fights you'll be getting into.

The only big break from the monotnous gameplay would be in Deadpool's environments and fighting style based on which weapon you're using at any given moment. from apartment buildings, sides of buildings, high security prisons, sewers and literally death's private tunnel'o'love there's a decent enough amount of visual changes in your surroundings to actually feel like you're going somewhere in this game, thankfully!

To keep things on the lighter side during Deadpool's fatal escepades you'll be constantly hearing him pop off at the mouth with witty, rude, himiliating, stubborn and at times very funny wise cracks as he mows through enemies, or gets blown to kingdom come by them.

Deadpool's lines almost make this game, It's hilarious to see what he'll say or do next depending on the situation he's in and it's almost always a comedical rollercoaster when you're playing.

The difficulty of the game tends to set you on a walk in the park until they throw a huge group of enemies your direction and you have to formulate a plan on how to best execute your attacks. It's not always wise to rush into every battle with Katanas swinging, though fun you won't last long if you don't give yourself time to think up of how to handle being surrounded by bad guys.

The hardest part of the game for me was the final few levels where the heat really gets turned up and the line of enemies to fight is wrapped around the "kill Deadpool" building. I forgot to mention I played this game on it's normal difficutly my first play through.

The adventure is a great one full of funny moments, intense fighting and voices in Deadpool's head will constantly keep narrative fresh but the difficulty, repeatetivness of enemies and overall sight of the game is a complete lack luster.


-Good fighting mechanics (not great)

-Hilarious dialog around every corner

-Good weapon variety

-Plenty of interactivity with environment

-It has Deadpool in it duh!


-Repetitive enemies and fight sequences

-Shallow execution on some environmental puzzles

-Not enough overall depth

-Unbalanced difficulty at times

-Boss fights are usually substituded with just throwing a lot of regular enemies at you.

Final Thoughts

Deadpool for PC is a fun ride which will both entertain you and make you laugh. Though don't expect a deep exotic adventure that goes much further then the initial world around you or much explanation at all in some cases. Sure there are different environments but the whole experience felt like a game on wheels. What seems to be an open and living environment is actually ploy and you don't get to explore as much as you'd like.

If you're a fan of Deadpool or like atriculate button smashing fast action fighting games then you very well may enjoy Deadpool for PC. Sure there are better games out there definitly but they won't have the Merc with a mouth at the helm babbling like a lunatic with himself and halucinating visions of grandure every 30 seconds.

I'd say it's definitly a game you should have under your belt as it's not the best but it sure is a fun ride and you get to shoot things! A lot of things, in the face! TTFN!

Have you played Deadpool for PC? If so why not leave what you thought about the game in the comments below!