Diablo III - Online play good enough????

Diablo III

In my personal opinion of actually playing Diablo III online, there a re actually upsides and downsides to play ing the actual ga me online.

First off, I would like to say that th e first time you play it th rough is really good with the way that it is set up but throughout playing online with 4 differe nt people can be quite fun overall. For instance, if you have each person usi ng a d ifferent class to play with (wizard, de mon hun ter, monk and barbarian). That way if you do it thi s way, you w ill be able to trade items that the other people n eed to get stronger to fight with.

Secondly, the main boss battl es are epic and are a must play for everyone. Main bosses f or each area are never t h e sam e but more likely than no t when they drop items (mainly gear f or heroes an d gems), th e gear is al most a lways worthless to pick up unless you are just starting out playing the ga m e, then you have the option of pick ing up the items and just g oi ng back to town t o se ll them.

Most of all, the o verall feel of th e g ame itself is amazing in t erms of be ing able to create 10 different characters t o be able to save and use l ater on or to pick wh ich one to pl ay with currently.

Now, here are th e do wnsides to the game itself that I see with pl aying online, maybe you agree o r d isagree w ith me, We shall see...

First th ings f irst: They have taken th e auction house from the o ffline play all together which is a big hin derance to the avid and dedicated game players of t he di a blo franchise itself.

Next is the fact t hat when yo u go to pl ay the d ifferent modes online (esp eciall y monster slaying), it t akes to do a qu est, when in fact t hat is not the purpose of m onster slaying at a ll. The purpose i s to be ab le to just go and fig ht monsters wit hout doing a quest (at least that's how I t ook it when reading the description of the ti tle).

Last but not least . The worst thin g I hate about Diablo III is the fact t hat after you beat Diablo himself th e game tends to get mo re tedious and repetitive i n terms of having to redo everyth ing all over again with other created c haracters you have made and fighti ng t he same monsters over a nd over again. busfbusfbu sfbhototh tiw yalp ot

sfub play wihtlay witjhayaaaaaaay

That conc ludes my summary for th e online play of Diablo III - Are you willing to take the ch ance and step int o the depths of hell to c onquer Diablo too???