Final Fantasy - The Best RPG Game Of All Time???

RPG Gaming

I want t o start off by saying t hat I think Final Fantasy is the best RPG series that has ever hit any gaming pl atform. My reas on for this bei ng sai d is the fact that it bein g turned based when y ou fight enemies is brilliant and gives you a chance to organize your attacks that are upcoming, in order to wi n the battle.


The variety of characters you get to fight as and wit h are am azing wit h the different skill sets t hat they h ave and the different f inishing moves to be unlocked as well as the eidolons that can be u sed to your advantage to take over the battle when you are losing (it may turn the tide on the enemy). Also, the boss battles are one huge thing to look f orward too on every sect ion of the gam e itself.


Whoever made these gam es should get a lifetime achievement award f or making them. I also be lieve by making th e 14th installment to the series and having it be online it amazing as we ll because you can play with other people along wi th sl ayi ng monsters on a wide ope n map and view the game from a different perspective as well. The series t ook a turn by making it online play but it was fo r the best overall.


One big feature t hat w as very helpful and proved to be very useful in b attle was the paradigm or crystarium feature as it lets you upg rade skills on your character itself and choose where to upgrade the set skills that you want to have for your character. I would suggest if games love RPG games to give Final Fantasy a shot if you haven't already.

Keep in mind when playing the Final Fantasy games that it is ultimately your choice how to upgrade your own character that you are fighting with and it all depends on the way that you play itself. Each boss and enemy has a strong point and a weak point to beating them as well.


Most of all I love the storylines that are behind each character playing their role in the game itself and you can find it intriguing how they fit into the game and the storyline that is being played out throughout the game until the very end.

I have always loved the Final Fantasy franchise and always will but please remember you set your own destiny by what you choose from the start. Have fun playing!!!