Getting To Know Clash Of Clans

It has been two years since Supercell created Clash of Clans, a freemium mobile MMO strategy game that I declare as one of the most successful mobile games. By the way, for those who do not know what freemium means or are just too busy to search it on the internet, freemium is the combination of "free" and "premium". The game is provided for free but you need real life money to get additional features and virtual goods. In the case of CoC, you pay for Gems, which is the currency you use to either speed up your upgrades or buy more gold and elixir.

So what's the goal of this game?

All you need to do is build a village, fortify it with the best defenses you can get and create an army that is capable of bringing destruction to the opposing clans. Well I think that sounds too violent but you should keep reading because I'm not a boring writer.

Your basic resources are gold and elixir. The gold is usually used to build defenses while the elixir is used to train troops and upgrade their skills. This is how Supercell makes their money. At some point you will get the urge to buy gems just to get more resources without having to attack other clans. If you are rich, then by all means, spend your money-but a stingy person like me should just stick with attacking other villages and looting their resources! Muhahaha!

As you upgrade your Town Hall you get to unlock more troops and building types. There is no place for boredom because you can play it any way you want as long as you get your resources to fund your upgrades.

Clash of Clans got its name for a reason. Another great feature of this game is Clan Wars. You need to rebuild your Clan Castle first before you can join or create a clan. Your Clan Castle is a building where you can house the troops donated by your clan mates. The troops you received can be used for defense and offense that is why it is a good investment. If you do not want to join a clan, it is all good, but you should remember that it is usually a good way to make new friends. Who does not want to have new friends?

I only have a PC/laptop, how can I play this game?

There is no need to worry! Just download the BlueStacks App Player and register using your Google Mail account and you are good to go. I am actually playing CoC on my PC and it works perfectly. Hardcore PC gamers do not have a reason not to try this game!

Going forward

The game's match making system is what really makes me want to play it. You are matched with other players based on the number of your trophies. There is only a small percentage that a high level player will attack your base unless you manage to get high trophy count and decide to stay at that level.

I personally recommend this to all the gamers out there. It is a combination of simplicity and complexity. The gameplay is simple but you need to think of a good strategy to be able to defend and attack properly. Build your village now and protect your people, Chief.