I Want To Be The Boshy (IWTBTB) Thought Super Marios Bros was hard?

I Want To Be The Boshy

We all know who Mario is and his ability to jump great lengths in order to reach the next platform while avoiding goombas, Babooms and oversized deranged bullets but when you defeat King Bowser and save the princess once again from her seemingly uneventful demise you're still just a achieving plumber with no right to call yourself the Boshy.

The same can be said for just about every other platform game out there where the enemies you'll face are clearly visible and usually easier killed then stepping on a paraplegic blind ant.

IWTBTB or I Want To Be The Boshy for all you casuals is a game that will kill you for guessing what to do next as the whole screen spins while Cheetah men throw lightning fast laser beams at you forcing you to jump and maneuver across constantly moving and disappearing platforms... All at the same time.

In this game everything is trying to kill you and if you hesitate you instantly die. Even the mouse cursor is your enemy since if you move the pointer over your character you will experience a horrible exploding death.

While the game will be frustratingly difficulty on even the easiest difficulty you'll be facing off in some pretty creative and well thought out boss fights from some of our gaming history's best protagonist such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Ryu & Dhalsim from Street Fighter, Megaman and Mario to name just a few.

The boss fights once conquered are full of satisfaction, the levels you traverse will force you to focus and use precise nearly pixel perfect jumps every step of the way. The world will be layered with spikes which result in instant death if touched and many surprise deaths you will probably soil your pants over if you startle easy.

The game is free to download and play if you dare. If you aren't good at platform games then perhaps you may take some mild sedatives to keep you from pulling your hair our or punching holes in your walls form frustration of dying for the 100th time trying to make a seemingly simple jump to a higher placed platform.

There's a decent amount of levels for you to play each offering their own distinct feel and special features.

Multiplayer is included so you can play with friends but while you'll both be visible in the game world your actions will only effect the action on your current screen, still it's fun to watch your friends die along side of you as you try to make it through the insanely hard world.

While it's not the first game of it's kind it's definitely the hardest and well polished from it's class.

I dare you to try it for 1 hour and see how far you can get!

Check it out here: SOLGRYN.ORG