Madden 15, best one to date???

Madden rookies

This is for all the Madden fans out there. There are a lot of things I love about this game overall. Here is my synopsis of the game:

Modes In Madden 15 To Play

Connected Careers (same thing as Franchise Mode). Control a player, coach or owner or go into the game the old fashioned way and use your favorite team with the current roster of the actual team. It's really nice to be able to have options when playing a game like this and it gives you those options.

Pre-Career Mode

Also, before you start the career you can also do fantasy draft and bulk up your team by getting the players you wish to have on one team. Whether you are a defensive minded person or a offensive minded person or even a balanced person playing the game you could get good players on both sides of the ball. All depending on how you play Madden.

New Features In The Game

I know when tackling the players you have an option to dive at them and take them out at the knees or you can hold the tackle button down and do a wrap tackle which is more high percentage and I loved that in this game. Also, when on offense as a receiver you can have an option to dive for the ball, jump in the air or catch it over your shoulders for the long pass.

Overall Conclusion On The Game Itself

The only way to truly get the full effect of Madden 15 is by looking at the graphics of the players and announcers as they look very real. Also, the mechanics of the game overall are amazing and are the best I have seen so far. Madden has truly become a legendary franchise and upped the bar since the franchise began.

As a conclusion to this game and the franchise as a whole, if you liked Madden 12, 13 or even 25 you should give Madden 15 a try because you will be blown away by the stuff they have added into the game to make it much better and easier to play. Like I said, the graphics and mechanics of the defense and offense are better than before and it makes the game so much better.