GTA V Online Tips - Getting a bounty placed on your head

How to get a bounty GTA Online

Getting a bounty placed on your head while we wait for GTA Online Heists to arrive is one of the funnest experiences in GTA Online. Whether it's uncalled for, intentional or you just deserved it. Nothing beats running from a small mob of crazed unsavory street thugs trying to make a few thousand dollars.The tough part is getting those same tight fisted goons to throw down some blood money to have you filled with more holes then a whore house.

Below are some tried and true ways of eventually making people not only hate you but also have make place bounties on your head. Note that you will not make friends as you execute these dastardly deeds and you may even be voted out of the session for following them but in the end the fish will eventually have no choice but to bite your bait.

#1 Steal civilian vehicles

See all those almost innocent civilians casually going about their day in Los Santos? Jacking cars of the every day people of LS is probably the easiest, most assured way to get a bounty placed on you. Though you may have to steal roughly 10-15 cars to do this and you will always run the risk of getting wanted stars It's possibly the best way if you don't want to be detrimental to other players and ruin their fun.

#2 Have a friend place a bounty on you

This may be the most obvious way to go about obtaining a bounty in GTA Online but there's a couple things to remember here, mainly it costs them money and while the chances are slim if your friend set the bounty they might come to claim it for to get their money back, friend's cannot be trusted in this game, it's crude but it happens. They also won't be able to place another bounty on your head for about 30 minutes so this isn't the quickest way to continuously have fun with bounties if this is your preference.

#3 Single out active solo players

This takes a good eye and some skill but if you watch the players in your session you will see what players are actively doing. See that guy speeding feverishly from stores? Chances are they're doing consecutive store robberies and have a decent amount of cash on them, also the chances are if you decide to get in their way they may turn their attention towards you. Players like this are usually on a spree for money and are quick to try to get you out of their way by setting a bounty on you to get other players to deal with you and get you off their back. It may be only a $1,000 bounty of it's 1 more bounty then you originally had.

#4 Use guerrilla warfare tactics

This method will annoy the hell out of just about anyone. Basically do hit'n'runs, ambushes, sticky bomb their car, shoot down their helicopter, repeatedly snipe them from an unreachable spot such as a high rise building. Do just about all the nasty things you can think up. Just remember you have to be persistent with this or they will get away and forget about you.

#5 Trap them and don't let them leave

While this is down right foul play nothing makes someone hate you more them trapping them in a store by driving a stolen car right into the front doors effectively blocking their only exit. Their only options are to "choose the easy way out", possibly get a friend to come help them out or plead and beg for you to help them out. If they choose the later make sure to antagonize them and push them to their limits for them to place that desired bounty on that macabre head of yours.

#6 Use a buzzard to annihilate your way to a bounty

This tactic is almost like #4 but is a bit more involved as instead of hit and runs you will be diligently chasing almost helpless players around the map in a utter fit of pure rage. Your seemingly endless anger could very well provoke them to try and turn everyone in the city on you if you manage to make them feel threatened enough to place a high-priced bounty on you.

#7 Go completely nuts on everyone

This is the end all way to get a sure bounty, it can also get you vote kicked or reported by people who think GTA is a game about shopping for clothes and hanging out in strip clubs instead of stealing, buying, selling and blowing up cars while you shoot people in the face. Essentially you would do everything in this list in a wash rinse repeat manner. The second you join a session, steal a civilian's car, drive to a place you know where a buzzard spawns while taking time to at least pop a few caps in the direction of anyone you come across, jump in your buzzard and start shooting missiles at the closest players near you until they're 6 feet under and then move on to the next, be the nastiest, meanest and most hostile player in the session, people will take notice and either try to out gun you or mark you for murder quick. Since most players can be semi-passive if left alone they make for easy targets. Just watch out for the thieving tank owner trying to steal your thunder.


In the end acquiring a bounty on you is hard work which usually involves you running from not only other players with guns but also muggers, cops, mercenaries, buzzards, tanks and even jets depending on the depths you're willing to dive into on your attempts to get bounties placed on you.

Just remember the harder you push for a bounty there is someone else who will always try even harder to kill you so once you get a bounty on you I recommend getting the hell out of Dodge and enjoy your much earned attention from everyone looking to make some quick cash by obliterating you without flinching.

That's all I got! Enjoy being the baddest criminal on the streets of Los Santos!

Happy killing!