Destiny just might blow your socks off

Destiny - Open world FPS RPG

Bungie's Destiny, the open world first person shooter said to release September 9th 2014.

I'm usually not one for hype especially after games build you up to certain expectations, whisper sweet nothings into your ear and then when it comes time to stand inline for 5 hours waiting for your copy of an over hyped game you finally get home and realize you were having more fun with the game you ditched for the new game.

Games today have a tendency to be stuck in certain ruts, actually it's more like the developers of the game but game franchises get very stale pretty quick when you only add some new levels, a few rehashed levels from their previous game and a couple cool new shaders. It almost feels like maybe developers are not running out of game ideas but are in a sense selling out to franchises that fell and who can blame them?

Bungie has a knack for letting a franchise go on only as long as it's entertaining and they can keep things fresh, the Halo branch is their longest franchise and while I'm not a complete Halo fan I understand why they've continued to push the game as far as it can go.

Destiny is not like any other game Bungie has made which shows us that they really are for pushing envelopes and at least trying to met expectations, it really feels like they are making games for gamers and not to just grab our money with another rehashed game that changes very little from the previous year with the same title but with number on it.

Their latest up coming game Destiny is said to boast a massive arsenal of weaponry with an insane amount of uniqueness in variations, an expansive open world environment with plenty of large indoor areas for players to explore. Each open area map is said to expand to 3km x 3km or about 1.8 miles x 1.8 miles which gives players quite a lot of space to roam in each area and if there are a lot of areas for each world (which there's more then one world) then that would equal quite a lot of exploring for players.

With the release date closing in every single day only time will tell if this game holds up to it's hype, I for one will be very anxious to jump on board and see what all the commotion is about, what about you?