Does the Oculus Rift make games seem to real?

Virtual Reality's Oculus Rift

As we get closer to having a truly 100%  immersive virtual reality experience to something like that of the movie Brainscan I can't help but wonder where this whole kick for realism in our games will stop. Could the Oculus Rift push people to the point to where they truly feel in danger's way?

I feel eventually virtual reality will offer "as real as it gets" or really realistic gaming experiences. But the Oculus Rift hits on some good realism spots and poorly misses on others.

Don't get me wrong I love the idea of the VR headset Facebook just paid $2 billion dollars for but lets face the fact that a few years from now something even better will come out and put the Oculus Rift to shame, maybe that something will be the Oculus Rift 2?

One of the current restrictions of the Oculus Rift is facing is real space vs virtual space. You can't get up out of your chair and walk around your living room and not bump into something while having the Oculus Rift strapped to your face unless maybe you were playing a game where the level was a 100% copy of your living room. How could game developers practically do that for every game? Simple, Game developers wouldn't.

How about the cords that connect all these fancy VR headsets? That certainly keeps our movement confined to a chair or possibly standing in front of our PC's just for a virtual simulation.

It seems the best configuration for today's virtual reality is use the VR headset for a simple looking mechanism and a control or mouse and keyboard for all the other functions pertaining to the games that we play. Because while the Oculus Rift may be an awesome leap forward in consumer VR headsets it's still a long way from offering a truly 100% immersive all 5 sense altering experience that a lucid dream could give us.

Still, if only the visual feed back using the VR headset makes you feel like you're in a dark dank corridor with monsters around every corner; or on a ledge high above a city skyline looking down that can easily fool your mind into thinking there's danger to be cautious of, then think when future gaming peripherals offer something for all of our 5 senses to experience.

I'm starting to feel that while the good ole controller with buttons to control games method is still the absolute preferred method for almost every gamer to interact with their game, that the future very well may be something completely different and accepted as the normal.