GTA Online High Life Update 1.13 is coming soon are you prepared?

GTA V 1.13 High Life Update

The next update for GTA (High Life) will supposedly bring a plethora of goodies for the mentally unstable citizens of Los Santos (I'm talking about you). The long waited update may not bring the adored heists, wild life or the "jump flail" people are craving but I have a feeling things are only going to get better from here on out, or has it?

Knowing Rockstar there will probably be some new bugs/glitches unwillingly introduced with this next update but that's pretty much expected at this point from seeing their previous updates getting torn apart by cheaters & glitchers. But lets try to focus on the brighter side of this new update shall we?

Rockstar also saw fit to give us a weekend of 2x RP and cash last week which resulted in many people stuffing their pockets will millions in cash preparing for things to come in the High Life update. I know I got my fair share of the cash grab!

To kick things off we will be getting the ability to own 2 apartments at the same time including garages meaning more space for your whips and cycles, exciting isn't it!? Honestly I only have about 6 cars in my current Eclipse Towers apartment but maybe if I had an extra house to crash at I'd feel the need to increase that number.

There's new weapons on the list to further murder other people the best way you see fit also including the Bullpup rifle.

For all you fashion gurus out there the update will bring new clothes for you to further exercise your right to fashion and style, or lack there of from some of the players I've seen.

What's got my attention is the new mental state that will be implemented allowing you to check how friendly or sadistic other players are which may help others decide if they want to even be on the same city block as you. I know me personally, I'm going to be labeled clinically insane because that's just how roll in Los Santos, I mean... I don't have a minigun for nothing right?

The update is supposed to hit sometime this month, a lot of people are speculating it will be on the 13th which is on a Tuesday which Rockstar is famous for releasing updates on Tuesdays. If so there will be an update here giving you the 411 on not only what new car I'm driving but also if you see me which way you should run, or if I should be the one running. HaHa!