GTA V Online High Life 1.13 title update has arrived

GTA V Online High Life 1.13 title update

The GTA V Online High Life update (Title update 1.13) was just released a few hours ago if you haven't noticed and there's been some mixed feelings about what was added and what was expected. We waited so long for simple bugs that should have been fixed since day one and there's a huge possibility that cheaters and glitchers will find ways to weasel their way back into breaking game dynamics for quick cash and game breaking exploits.

GTA Online new apartments

First lets focus on what was actually added. On the obvious side players are now allowed to own 2 apartments at once giving us more garage space and twice as many places to throw house parties. While I have to say I personally have little use for 2 houses, I've heard this to be a major desire for many other players.

On the down side to new apartments I've heard players complaining that there still isn't enough variety offered. The apartment locations are the exact same with just slight differences, no mansions have been added and it's really looking bleak for anyone hoping to live out in the country as all the purchasable living quarters still reside well within city limits.

New cars added

Another area where interesting purchasable seems to have been added but are they worth it? Rockstar has added 3 new cars and 1 new motorbike to the mix, the Enus Huntley S, Dewbauchee Massacro, Pegassi Zentorno and the Dinka Thrust. While I welcome new content such as this I feel this has been more a filler then bringing something really new and refreshing to the game.

In the end I feel none of these cars can compete with what was already offered from Legendary Sports but like I stated above, it's at least nice to see new content.

New map icons & Mental state for players

I don't know why but this seems to be probably the most interesting thing to me about this update. If you have a bounty placed on your head other players will now see a red skull icon instead of a red dot marked with an "X".

To further your knowledge about the other occupants you will be playing with you'll also be shown how stable player is. If they have a white dot on the mini-map they are considered neutral, but keep an active eye on any red dots in or around you as they have proven to be a player killer.

Introducing the Bullpup rifle

Ok ok I get it, another way to kill people. Honestly I've dropped every weapon except for the AP Pistol, MG, Assault Shotgun and the Advanced Sniper. While I haven't actually got my hands on the Bullpup when I actually do I'll probably be dropping it and resort back to my preferred setup.

Really, I can't be bothered trying to find the exact gun in the weapons wheel every time I have to throw down and show some level 13 how to go hard in the paint. Still once I get some time to check this out my impressions may change.

8 New missions to indulge in

Once again a big plus for me and many other players. The lack of missions for high leveled players is an obvious let down. Once I hit level 90 I found myself being able to complete missions pretty easily with my new setup weaponry and at level 120 I'm near unstoppable.

While I haven't had a chance to play any of these new missions here's hope that they will be geared toward higher level players and improve on difficulty, here's the list of missions that has been added: GTA Today, Artificial Scarcity, Crime Scenester, Hit 'Em Up, Master Data, Handle with Care, On the List, Denial of Service.

4 New races added

These new races are: Stock Market Crash, Loss Leader, Home In The Hills, Thrusting Motion.

I'm not much of a racer though I do enjoy a race from time to time. Still it's nice to see Rockstar trying to add new content across the board with their updates instead of fixing bugs left and right.

Bottom Line

I'm very thankful Rockstar has taken the time to fix all these bugs and glitches but the ratio to fixes to content still seems to be lopsided. I still see no heists! Hopefully the game is solid enough now that Rockstar can pur bug fixes on the back burner and focus on what was promised from GTA V Online's launch date which was the ability to run heist missions.

There's been a few more add-ons included in this High Life Update and a lot of bug fixes to boot. If you'd like to checkout the full list of fixes Rockstar had added you can head over to RockStar's GTA V Title Update 1.13 Notes to get the full run down.