GTA V PC Version Leaked!?

GTA V for PC leaked?

Welcome back faithful reader, you're probably here because you want more information on the GTA V PC version being leaked rumor you've been hearing around the internet right?

I may be wrong when I say this but personally I believe the leaked GTA V for PC images to be a complete fake. Anybody with some graphic skills, time and a will to irritate people could easily produce these so called leaked pictures of GTA V for PC, lets have a look at these images and then I'll explain why I believe they are completely fake.

First imageGTA V PC Leaked image 1While the above image portraying GTA V playing on a PC may be proof to most that it's an unofficial statement being made here, but do you really think Rock Star would be this tight lipped if their latest and greatest installment in the GTA franchise was being displayed to the world before they're ready? I don't think so.

Second imageGTA V PC Leaked image 2If the first image didn't make the people believe lets throw in a screenshot with the Task Manager to prove that our faked images are real!

Once again this can be done by simply renaming an unnamed process to better help you identify it in Windows, just Google "Windows how to make a process with a blank name" or naming a folder "GTAV.exe" then editing the screenshot. Anyone with half a brain can easily make their own "GTAV.exe" with free software.

Third imageGTA V PC Leaked image 3The image above is where things get a little fuzzy... literally. I've gone over this photo quite a few times and noticed some interesting things here. For instance the Windows 7 Aero themed glass effect actually is blurring the GTA V window behind it which does show GTA V for PC being shown behind the Fraps window. While this effect can be created easily this is the first bit of evidence that makes be want to believe these images may not be fake, but the effect is just to easy to make.

Fourth imageGTA V PC Leaked image 4Ok I have to admit the above image does seem pretty legit as it would be pretty hard and tedious to create an in-game menu for GTA V for the PC. The image is blurry by default yes, but that's a good thing as it looks to be a mix between a bit of motion blur and low quality from a camera or cell phone which means someone took an actual picture instead of possibly editing a screenshot and posting it online.

Here's the kicker though.

Compare the previous three images to the final fourth image and tell me they're from the same source. The first three are clearly screen captures while the fourth is from a third party source (camera or cell phone). Why would this be? If the first three are faked (and they could be) then this final display of GTA V being leaked almost has me believing the rumors are true. This however could easily be a developer who is working on the game snapped a quick picture to spread around to their friends to show the in-game PC graphics menu. I have to list this final image as the only real evidence that GTA V for PC might have been leaked already but my doubts are still strong on this one.

Also take notice the inconsistency of the frame rates between the first two images and the third image. The first two show what seems to be a steady PC standard frame rate of 60 frames per second which is usually caused by Vsync being enabled and the player's monitor supporting a refresh rate of 60 while the third image clearly shows a frame rate of 30 indicating a couple things such as the possibility that there is tampering with recording settings. This may be nit picking comparing frame rates but something definitely looks fishy there.

One of the biggest pieces of credible evidence which proves to me that this is really just a rumor can be seen in the third image. Look closely at the task bar, I'll wait... Notice anything absent? Like the fact that GTA V doesn't appear to be running at all on the system? Normally when you start up anything within Windows (Since Windows 3.1) you can maximize and minimize running applications to the task bar. There is no GTA V task running!

What we see in the third image is some recording software, video player, text editor and some random applications. There is however a GTA San Andreas icon located in the task bar but nothing relating to GTA V is found.

This right here is the smoking gun in my case. Notice how all the other screenshots show some pretty convincing evidence of GTA V running happily on PC but once you get an (accidental?) peek at the task bar that GTA V is nowhere to be found You kind of have to wonder if they really are playing GTA V on PC or not. Yeah, you kind of have to be running GTA V on your PC to have GTA V to be running on PC.

Final thoughts

GTA V for PC is coming obviously, however...

There is still little to no evidence that the GTA V PC version has been leaked. If you did you would probably see 100% proof but there has not yet been anything more then sketchy images provided. To prove that faking a leaked GTA V PC version on your PC is relatively easy I've created my own version of GTA V for PC running on my Windows 8 laptop.

GTA V PC Leaked image 5The image displayed above took me 5 minutes to create and shows about as much information as the so called "GTA V on PC leaked" images that are circulating the internet.

Don't believe everything you read or see on the internet folks.

Leave a comment below on your thoughts of GTA V for PC being leaked. Are these screenshots 100% proof to you? Or are you skeptical like I am?