Microsoft announces Xbox ONE will have Kinect free version

Microsoft offering XBOX ONE without Kinect

Microsoft just announced that they will be offering a Kinect-less version of their famed XBOX ONE bring the price down to something a bit more competitive with the PS4's pricing. Thew new XBOX ONE bundle will cost $399 which is $100 less then if the Kinect were included. I know I wasn't the only one thinking Microsoft should have done this since the beginning.

It's not news that Microsoft has completely changes their words in the past. It seems they've finally done what consumers have been obviously screaming at the top of their lungs at the company "We don't care about Kinect!". It's not that the XBOX ONE Kinect doesn't completely blow the original Kinect's performance out of the water or that motion tracking isn't a grand idea for video games. I think the problem is that the Kinect feels gimmicky when bundled with the XBOX 360 and the XBOX ONE.

The idea that Microsoft and other companies have had a few generations or more to get a strong foothold in the gaming industry with standards like physical controllers, CD based content and even DLC, the Kinect feels like it should be it's own console al together with it's own line of games being produced all on it's own.

With this price cut Microsoft is obviously trying to catch up with the PS4 in sales. What do you think of this news?