Watch Dogs gameplay videos for the masses

Watch Dogs Video Gameplay

Looks like the boys & girls over at IGN have some new Watch Dogs gameplay videos to share. Since you're here on IFLGames though allow us to serenade you with some awesome Watch Dogs gameplay, why not?

In this first gameplay video we'll get to see some of the character customization options to player's attire and how we'll be able to disguise Aiden Pearce.

This next gameplay video shows off a mobile challenge where players will be racing through city streets chasing down checkpoints while being chased by police

Here's some footage from one of the first missions in Watch Dogs. Here we'll see the player hacking ctOS to gain further access to continue the mission.

The hacking abilities in Watch Dogs doesn't stop at hacing ctOS terminals. Here we'll see the player hacking citizens personal information and get a peek at the phone menu and weapons selection menu.

In this gameplay video you'll see the player covertly tanking out gangs by various methods such as remotely hacking into enemy smart grenades to make them explode while still in enemy inventory, close quarter takedowns, outright bashing enemies with batons, you'll also see the player monitoring enemies movement through hacked surveillance cameras and what seems to be the beginning of what could have been an exhilarating car chase.

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