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Red Dead Redemption

Howdy there, I'd like to start this off by simply saying... If you haven't played Read Dead Redemption you're wasting your life. What more do you want in your games? large open world, random events, random wild life encounters, many side games and a barrel of other things you can do are all apart of what makes RDR so fun and memorable. Not to mention John Marston is pretty much an instantly lovable protagonist of the game.

Read Dead Redemption which was release May 18th, 2010 for both PS3 and Xbox 360 is a Rockstar game with the likes of GTA, only there are gun slingers, banditos, horses, and an almost countless number of dangerous animals waiting to take a chunk out of your hide, or vice-versa. From animal skinning to cattle rustling RDR has just about everything you'd expect out of a old western open world game.

If you haven't played it yet you may easily mistake it for a GTA clone but whoa nelly! If anything it is simply what it is. You'll find there are no vehicles to steal in the old west; only you, your rifle and your trusty steed on long winding paths traveling across southern America and even to Mexico. This game may have an open world and share many functions of Rockstar's other GTA titles but they really show you that while yes there are similarities there's definitely enough here to separate them.

I've played every GTA game at least partially but even GTA V doesn't offer some of the amazing moments to be had in Red Dead Redemption. The story is about a man (John Marston) who after leaving a life of crime to pursue a life with his wife and son gets sucked right back in unwillingly to save those he loves dearly. He's pitted against his old gang who leave him for dead and it's your job to hunt them down and make them pay.

The story is probably one of the best told in games and there are moments where you get a spine chilling reality of how much you cared about certain people as you watch them suffer and die and while the story is fairly linear it plays out well and every part of the game clicks completely immersing you from the beginning to the very end.

John Marston is no saint and you'll learn that fast enough when he ruthlessly murders whole groups of people, but it's ok because they were all bad right? But he's got a positive spirit and a heart of gold when he's not on one of his murderous rampages killing bandits or a local town if he sees fit. But overall he turns out to be a bad guy turned decent just looking for redemption from his troubled past.

Read Dead Redemption doesn't fill the world with silly props in hope that the player finds mindless entertainment from gravity guns, physics guns or off the wall game mechanics, instead it stays true to what you would expect from this type of game. Sure you'll find humor in many of the personalities you come across throughout the game but they fit very well into the overall plot and everything and everyone has a place in this game.

Being a game that's been out for a while you shouldn't expect it to have mind-blowing graphics but the graphics this game has seems to have aged pretty well I'd say. The horse physics can get a bit wonky at times but in what other games do you get a tame and ride wild horses?

The game is an emotional rollercoaster as you play as John and see some of the sacrifices he must make and not everyone is to be trusted. You'll make friends and kill some of them for double crossing you, Extract your revenge on people who mean to do you harm and maybe even high-jack a train.

Once you play this game it won't have too much replay value if you're a 100% completions first time through but you just might find yourself playing it again and again just for the story and the characters it has to offer. This game is definitely in my top 10.

Rockstar really put some thought into Read Dead Redemption and their hard work really shines through to offer you compelling gameplay, a solid story and a protagonist you actually would want to be.

If you haven't played Read Dead Redemption yet or maybe you decided to pass it up I urge you to stop what you're doing and pick this game up, you need this adventure in your life to feel like a completed gamer.