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How to pick the perfect video game

How to pick the perfect video game

So there you are, trying to find out what to play as usual, we've all been there. You're looking for a new game but don't know what to pick. You know what type of game you like but don't want to commit time and thumb grease on something you don't think will deliver the goods.

Well fret no more, just follow through the pathways in the link below to find the perfect game suited for your every want and desire. Well it may not lead to the best game ever but it sure will break down what you may be intrested in by using this handy little follow through chart.

Fix my Prison Architect!

Some of us may be familiar with the joys (and pitfalls) of playing alpha/beta games and with the popularity of Steam's Greenlight program ( there is a lot of fun and choice to be had for the casual gamer. One little gem in particular I have found engrossing is Prison Architect by Introversion Software. This top down simcity-esque time vampire has come a long way since it was first offered on steam. The only real gripe is this game bogs down even on the most serious of gaming rigs.

GTA V Online Tips - Getting a bounty placed on your head

How to get a bounty GTA Online

Getting a bounty placed on your head while we wait for GTA Online Heists to arrive is one of the funnest experiences in GTA Online. Whether it's uncalled for, intentional or you just deserved it. Nothing beats running from a small mob of crazed unsavory street thugs trying to make a few thousand dollars.The tough part is getting those same tight fisted goons to throw down some blood money to have you filled with more holes then a whore house.