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Watch Dogs: Whats Missing Here?

Watch Dog Gun

So the day has come and gone. The release of Watch Dogs has made it to my console of choice via digital download. There I was, excited to see a new gen sandbox that doesn't seem like a tech demo (I'm looking at you Krank), and frankly I was impressed. Fancy shiny graphics, imaginative game play, even a protagonist who doesn't seem to be a hodgepodge of any of my prior adventures in the electronic frontier. "Does this game have it all?" I ask myself. A few hours in and it occurs to me, something is missing. Something is wrong.

Watch Dogs gameplay videos for the masses

Watch Dogs Video Gameplay

Looks like the boys & girls over at IGN have some new Watch Dogs gameplay videos to share. Since you're here on IFLGames though allow us to serenade you with some awesome Watch Dogs gameplay, why not?

In this first gameplay video we'll get to see some of the character customization options to player's attire and how we'll be able to disguise Aiden Pearce.

This next gameplay video shows off a mobile challenge where players will be racing through city streets chasing down checkpoints while being chased by police